Print Edition Set of 12: A Year of Women [Limited to 5]


12 Months of Prints: Limited to 5

Each month you will receive one limited edition print from my new project, Cycles: A History of Women, for one year.

Along with each print, you will also receive information regarding the history and ideas that inspired the photograph.

Each image is printed on 8.5x11" Ilford Baryta Gold Fiber Silk
Shipped in an archival sleeve with unmounted mat backing
Signed and editioned on verso
Edition of 10*

Benefits of Print Edition Set of 12:
Get free shipping on all prints -$120.00
Get one free print -$50.00
Guaranteed to receive the full limited print edition set of 12
Get the first prints in each edition (1-5)
Be the first prints mailed out each month

*5 prints will also be reserved to purchase month to month

Note: If purchased after January 2019, you will receive all prints of past months on the first month of purchase.

December/January 2019: For the first month, I will be offering the first photograph that I created for this series, After The Vote (US Suffragettes / 1920).

February-December 2019: Edition Set of 12 prints will be mailed out by the first of each month, and then announced online.

Holiday Note: If you purchase A Year of Women Print Edition Set as a holiday gift, I will send the first month's print along with information to explain this year long gift, if ordered by December 17

Contact me at with any questions