A Year of Women: Limited Edition Print Sale

one new print a month for one year 

For over a year I have been working on a new series titled Cycles: A History of Women

For the first time images from the series will be available through a yearlong editioned print sale. 

Each month for 1 year, 1 editioned print from this series will become available in 2 ways:

$550 for all 12 prints
Get free shipping on all prints (-$120.00) 
Get one free print (-$50.00)
Guaranteed to receive the full limited print edition set 
Get the first prints in each edition (1-5) 
Be the first prints mailed out each month

$50 during the month
$150 until the end of 2019 or until it sells out
$10 for shipping 

Other ways to support my project: each month I will also be offering 3.5x4.5" mini prints. 

Holiday Note: The first print in the series will be available for December and January 

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